PowerPoint Course Outline

Take suggestions from the class. What might be a slideshow they need to present?

  1. Start PowerPoint
  2. Create blank presentation
  3. Save the presentation to USB drives/cloud (we will save it as a video at the end)
  4. Browse the ribbon
  5. Select a theme
  6. Choose slide sizes
  7. Select theme variations (Design > Variants)
  8. Guidelines of design
    • Know your audience
    • Know your purpose
    • Know your expectations
  9. Add slide (Class Types)
  10. Create a new slide and choose a layout (Section Heading)
  11. Navigate through the slide show
  12. Delivery Tips
    • Pace
    • Emphasis
    • Eye contact
  13. Add a new slide with a bulleted list (belt levels)
  14. Add slide in outline panel (Special Events)
  15. Create an outline in word
    • View>Views>Outline
    • Save file. Open PPT. File>New>Blank Presentation
    • Apply theme
    • Home>Slides>New Slide menu>Slides from Outline
  16. Review font options
  17. Use Format Painter to copy formatting from one slide to another
  18. Sections (page 42)
  19. Preview a Printout
  20. Inserting assets
    • Review icons on a new slide
    • Deleting placeholder text
    • Insert clip art that works with slide topic
    • Work with clip art
    • Insert a photo, maybe work with removing a background
    • Work with photo
    • Insert screenshot
    • Add shapes
  21. Transitions
  22. Animations
  23. Sound effects
  24. Charts
  25. Video (YouTube)
  26. Insert sound file (find one that works for the topic)

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